CCPA Overview

We’ve outlined below some information about the data we collect, the data we can share, and how it pertains to consumer privacy in California. All California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requests, pursuant to Causes, can be made via email to [email protected], or via toll-free phone to (800) 390-0784.

Notice to California Users

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) goes into effect on January 1, 2020. The Act grants “consumers” (any California resident regardless of whether there is a customer or any other relationship with Countable) five new rights respecting their personal information. “Consumer” means a natural person who is a California resident, as defined in Section 17014 of Title 18 of the California Code of Regulations, as that section read on September 1, 2017, however identified, including by any unique identifier.

The first is your right to request disclosure of Causes data collection and sales practices in connection with yourself, including the categories of personal information Causes has collected, the source of the information, your use of the information, and, if the information was disclosed or sold to third parties, the categories of personal information disclosed or sold to third parties and the categories of third parties to whom such information was disclosed or sold.

The second is your right to request a copy of the specific personal information collected about you, by Causes, during the 12 months before your request. The third is your right to have such information deleted, to which Countable must respond within 45 days. The fourth is your right to request that your personal information not be sold to third parties, if applicable (as outlined in this privacy policy). And the fifth is your right not to be discriminated against because you exercised any of these rights. Countable is compliant with CCPA and all relevant requests can be made via toll-free phone number to (800) 390-0784, or via email to [email protected].

Data Collection Information

We may collect and store personal information you enter in our Service or provide to us in some other manner, including your name, birthdate, email address, password, and location. We may also collect any communications between you and Causes, as well as any information you provide if you take part in any interactive features of the Service.

We also collect information about how you use the Service and about your actions on the Service, including users or campaigns you support, positions you take, actions, interests, and interaction with others on the Service, and user content you post to the Service in the form of positions, reasons, messages, comments, likes, shares, and other content ("User Content").

When you interact with our site through various social media, such as when you login through Facebook, or share Countable content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other sites, we may receive information from the social network including your profile information, profile picture, gender, user name, user ID associated with your social media account, age range, language, country, friends list, and any other information you permit the social network to share with third parties. We may use your friends data to let you know what your friends are doing on our Service, and to let your friends know what you are doing on the Service. The data we receive is dependent upon your privacy settings with the social network, and we will not post information about you on third party social media sites without your consent. You should always review, and if necessary, adjust your privacy settings on third-party websites and services before linking or connecting them to our website or Service.

Data Sharing Information

We may share your personal information with campaigns and sponsors with whom you interact on our Service. We may share your personal information with a campaign when you support, comment on, take an action or position or otherwise interact with a campaign on the Service, so that the campaign or sponsor may communicate with you. Personal information shared with campaigns and sponsors will be subject to the privacy policies of those campaigns and sponsors, so please review those policies before agreeing to share your data.

We may also share your personal information with campaigns that want to reach individuals like you. From time to time, a campaign will ask Countable to show the campaign to Causes users who meet certain demographic criteria, such as living in a particular geographic location or belonging to a political party, or behavioral criteria, such as a history of interacting with similar campaigns on Causes. We do not share your personal information with the campaign unless or until you interact with the campaign on Causes.