Raise awareness of Eco friendly life providing bamboo products

My name is Takashi Matsumoto, a Japanese student studying business of Keio University in Japan, interested in contribution to public society using business skill (social enterprise). I have traveled cross country in United States with bamboo bike, started from Santa Cruz (Bamboosero, bamboo bike shop), http://www.bamboosero.com/ on Sep 10 2010, via Denver, arrived at Brooklyn New York,(Bamboobikestudio, bamboo bike shop), http://bamboobikestudio.com/ on Dec 6 2010, 4,368.9miles. Information of this journey: http://bamboo-bike-ustrip.blogspot.com
The objects of this journey with bamboo bike are, to promote bamboo products, to raise awareness of Eco friendly life, and to raise awareness of neglected bamboo forests problem in Japan. Though these are important objects, I have another object, which is a "Bamboo donation project", this is. Now I plan to donate some "bamboo gardens" and "bamboo bowls and plates" to the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco (http://www.glide.org), through fund-raising to raise awareness Eco friendly life more.
I visited this church this March, a nonprofit organization, gave me an inspiration to start my journey. I plan to donate bamboo 4 gardens (plants) to "the creative space of the Glide Memorial Church which is a very pleasant small gallery used for glide's members and guest art exhibits, partnering with Bamboo Giant, http://www.bamboogiant.com/ ,will give 25% discount on any and all bamboo gardens. The room has high ceiling (12-15 feet high), and uses lots of recycled and renewable materials, including bamboo flooring. And I plan to donate 20-25 bamboo bowls and plates to "the new demonstration kitchen", which is used to provide cooking classes to neighbors in the community about improving diets through cooking healthier meals using local ingredients. Their first cooking class was one week ago and had 10 families; the next class has more than 20 families signing up , next to the creative space of that church.
I want to raise awareness of Eco friendly life more through this donation. Takashi, Bamboo Samurai, founder Dec 29,2010

1. Bamboo Samurai will donate some bamboo products for Glide Memorial United Methodist Church by using this facebook causes

2. Information about Glide Memorial Church, http://www.glide.org/

3. Bamboo Samurai will donate 4 bamboo gardens, partnering with Bamboo Giant, http://www.bamboogiant.com/, they gave 25% discount on all bamboo plants

4. Bamboo Samurai will donate 20-25 bamboo bowls and plates

5. Information about Bamboo Samurai, http://bamboo-bike-ustrip.blogspot.com/