Inhale Approved Studios

What yoga studios nationwide do members know that follow the Inhale style? We could compose a list of BIB member recommended places. The studios would have to let students dance in chair pose, sing out loud "Ride Sally Ride," spin out of cow pose, and do the…Read More

Current Status of Inhale for All Our Newcomers

Thanks to all who joined recently. To our best knowledge, Inhale was cancelled due to expiring music licensing rights. The original producers had trouble even at the outset due to the complex set of music that so livens up the show. Without music rights,…Read More

Mother's Day Special: Surge in Membership?

Thanks to the twenty four and counting members who joined today. We must of hit a new pocket of supporters in the Steve Ross universe. I wonder how? A Happy Mother's Day to all the yoginis with kids. Om Shanti, Richard your fellow classmate in Inhale exile

Summary of Positions: Way Forward

Applications are open for the guestbook, Facebook, and Twitter admin positions. Current BIB membership consists of 255 classmates. Who knows how long or how many people it will take? Before succeeding, "Moonlighting" campaigned 4 years from '01 to '05 closing…Read More

Position 3: Twitter Admin

The last position open is for anyone interested in managing the Twitter account for BIB. Current followers seem to like Steve Ross quotes. The account has been a productive way to spread the word by responding to tweets about Steve Ross / Inhale / Maha Yoga.…Read More

Delegation: Update on State of BIB

Hi to all who have joined BIB recently and welcome aboard! We are 1 member away from the next Causes' milestone "Crew." Reflecting that growth I want to push out a series of opportunities for classmates with ideas to further engage and lead us to success.…Read More

Illegal Inhale: Aggregation and Distribution

One way of accessing Inhale is to share videos between BIB members. Darn is this option tempting, so we want to ask if anyone has knowledge of copyright law and how it would pertain to our case? How is the law realistically enforced? Would it be viable to…Read More
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