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Invitation to Join the Global Alliance For the Support of Dr. Abiy Ahmed's Vision


We just received an invitation from the Global Alliance to Support Dr. Abiy Ahmed's Vision to create a better and vibrant Ethiopia where all Ethiopians live peacefully their right equality protected by their own government . Dr Abiy Amhed has been in power less than 75 days and he brought a huge chance in Ethiopia by releasing all poetical prisoners, lifting the state-of-emergency, pardoning opposition parties, negotiating with Saudi, Keyna, Sudan and Egypt and bring back Ethiopians who where in prisons and replacing all old cabinates and minsters and replacing them with new and fresh faces, allowing free media and free market .
These are some of the progresses he has made in the last two months. He also asked citizens to be his eye and ear to bring corruption to his attention.

Dr. Abiy is one person and can not be everywhere , however we the people can help him be supporting his vision. After all his ultimate goal is to build a better Ethiopia for future generation. Join and invite others and together let us build our dream Ethiopia

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